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Log & Timber homes are wonderful to live in. They have a natural warmth, they provide a reassuring strength in their construction and bring owners back to a feeling of a simpler lifestyle.  Alabama Log & Timber, LLC. is driven to provide you with a home that offers these qualities and many others.


Jeff Coy and his team of experienced professionals and contractors will assist you through all phases of construction. Our mission is to offer support in existing home sales

(if needed), land purchasing, site planning, home design, and finally... the construction of a beautiful Log or Timber home.  


Building your Log or Timber home will provide a huge sense of accomplishment. The final product will exhibit a natural appearance in its surroundings, have aesthetic beauty, and the quality construction will offer strength, peacefulness, and a more relaxing lifestyle.  You will have built a home that will endure for generations...a "Legacy" home.


The following pages, images, and videos will provide you with a foundation from which to begin the journey of  Log or Timber-style homeownership. Let's get started!


35 - Reasons to own a Log or Timber Home 

10 - Log Home Maintenance Myths

5 - Reasons Solid Wood Homes make Sense

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